Monday, October 14, 2013

iamcharmin #1

It has been years since I blogged but it's time. I am visiting my daughter Victoria in Colorado and she gave me a nudge telling me it was time to start again. I guess I'll start with why iamcharmin? Well Charmin is the name I've been called since birth although it is not the name on my birth certificate. It is funny how your name defines you. I was told by a pastor years ago that my name comes from the root word "charism" and that the charism is the Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the comforter and my whole life I have been comforting people even down to the fact that the profession I chose was nursing and my God given gift is life coaching.  I am happy and I believe we all can be happy if we choose to be. Happiness is attainable and I realized that if  I could truly love Charmin, then there is nothing she can't do because she is on her side so she will take care of her health and well-being. Guess what? It worked! Today, through the Grace of God I am healthy, wealthy, wise and Charmin! Now I'm taking this to the streets, because if I can do it so can you... It's work but you are worth it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Charmin's New Facebook Page

Hi family, well you can only have 5000 facebook friends, then FB locks you out. Why didn't anybody tell me? So here is my fan page please LIKE the page, and I will figure out what to do with all my friend request that I can't accept. Anybody that knows how to help me with this problem, please HELP... iamcharmin :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ABOUT Charmin

Humbly submitted by Henry Ford, because Charmin is too humble to write about herself.  To REALLY find out about Charmin, you have to contact her, but in the meantime and in between time, OOPS, here she is:

Writer’s Block occurs for many reasons, and this time I place the blame squarely on Charmin Moore.  She has an engaging presence, is unlikely to be distracted, difficult to derail, and impossible to stop.  She uses all this along with a disarming and infectious smile, a solid background of experience and a passionate nature to help transform lives.  So where do I begin?  Any attempt to write an all-inclusive story about Charmin would likely be futile, so consider these words to be a brief introduction.

Charmin Moore is a Lifecoach trainer, founder of Global Coaching Solution and the author of the upcoming book “It's a great day to be happy, free and me" 7 secrets for total self-love no matter what.  Charmin has a thriving coaching career in which she helps clients who are experiencing challenges in their life and work find harmony.  As a Registered Nurse of 25 years, she was the recipient of the Florida Nurse of the Year award for Hospice in 1998 and currently, as an Apheresis Nurse Specialist, she educates the medical community on the first FDA approved immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer in the world.  Charmin coaches and trains clients worldwide, positioning her as a transformational leader in some of the newest and fastest growing professions globally. She believes both immunotherapy and coaching will be primary vehicles in the next decade for personal development and the fight against cancer.

Charmin’s current Facebook Cover Photo includes recent graduates of her Life Coaching Class.  Whatever Charmin taught in that class has the graduates smiling and sharing accolades about the impact she has had on them.

As powerful and life-changing as her message is, Charmin also takes the time to cherish and celebrate life.  As we began to communicate, she was just beginning her birthday celebration.  She needed a little time to respond to the hundreds of well wishes she received.  She promised to get back with me in a few days, and it came as no surprise that in a few days, the necessary information showed up in my Facebook Inbox. The lady keeps her promises!

Charmin has a zest for life, a love for people, a passion for helping others, and the mind and mindset to put it all together.  Charmin is forever learning and changing and growing as she helps others to learn and change and grow.  The best way to learn and change and grow with Charmin is to engage her Life Coaching Services.  The second-best way is to check out her just released book,  It's a great day to be happy, free and me.   

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