Monday, October 14, 2013

iamcharmin #1

It has been years since I blogged but it's time. I am visiting my daughter Victoria in Colorado and she gave me a nudge telling me it was time to start again. I guess I'll start with why iamcharmin? Well Charmin is the name I've been called since birth although it is not the name on my birth certificate. It is funny how your name defines you. I was told by a pastor years ago that my name comes from the root word "charism" and that the charism is the Holy Spirit in the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the comforter and my whole life I have been comforting people even down to the fact that the profession I chose was nursing and my God given gift is life coaching.  I am happy and I believe we all can be happy if we choose to be. Happiness is attainable and I realized that if  I could truly love Charmin, then there is nothing she can't do because she is on her side so she will take care of her health and well-being. Guess what? It worked! Today, through the Grace of God I am healthy, wealthy, wise and Charmin! Now I'm taking this to the streets, because if I can do it so can you... It's work but you are worth it!